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Tips for Beginners Surfing in San Diego


If you want to take up surfing, it is worth noting that since it is an individual sport, there is no right or wrong way of doing things. There are some common practices that will make surfing as well as your time in the water more fun and we will include them in this article. For the beginners, you need to choose wisely because not all the beaches or breaks are created equal. You will find that most of the places you hear about are not the best to start learning from. The size and shape of the waves are important to take into account. The waves that tend to be slower moving and sloping are the best to learn in. Stay away from the beaches that have too many people when you are learning.


Once you have a good spot that as both room and the waves you would like, observe how much time there is between the waves. Usually, the waves arrive in similar sets each time and you should take note of the pattern, direction and timing. This will help you know when to paddle out and when to paddle for a wave. While watching how the waves are behaving, you can take your time and warm up.


Surfing tends to be a physical sport and if you do not swim on a regular basis, your muscles are going to suffer. It is a good idea to stretch especially if the water is cold so that your muscles get warmed up. Your shoulders as well as the muscles that are around the hips will be used mostly when you surf. However, anything that is going to get your heart rate up and the blood flowing will be of help when you get to surfing. Learn about san diego surf classes here!


Surfing is intensely rewarding and you should give yourself time to learn. You can take a lesson that teaches the basic skills and even if you have been surfing for a while, it is recommended to observe someone and get suggestions about where to make adjustments. Sometimes the ocean is flat and these are the perfect days to go paddle as it is an important part in catching the waves. Paddling also makes for a great workout. You also need to develop good habits after the surfing session. This means that you take care of yourself and the equipment you are surfing with so that you are able to surf for another day. Know about san diego surf classes here!